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Jasmine Sergeant’s rich career journey, from a fine dining chef in the 1980s to embracing real estate in New Zealand post-2009, has crafted her into a well-rounded professional. Her stint as a Purchasing Consultant and later as a European Purchasing Analyst with Compass Group honed her evaluation and communication skills. By reviving a quaint 16th-century restaurant in the UK before moving to New Zealand, she demonstrated her business acumen.

These diverse experiences shape Jasmine’s unique approach in real estate, blending meticulous service from her chef days, precise valuation from her analyst role, and total accountability from her entrepreneurial ventures. With nearly two decades of self-employment, Jasmine believes in harmonizing life and business through genuine interactions, core values, and straightforward service. The ongoing positive feedback, referrals, and repeat clientele attest to her ability to ‘get stuff done’ effectively.

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